USNSCC Summer Trainings 2019
Information and Forms

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Bravo Zulu!  

You have decided to invest in YOURSELF and are planning to attend one of the hundreds of 

Sea Cadet trainings that are offered across the nation.

Registering requires some very basic skills: Following directions and paying attention to details.  

This is no different than what we train cadets to do for every activity.

If this is your first time, we understand it may seem a bit confusing.  

Once you have successfully done it, it is the same procedure every time and so much easier.

We are here to help you but ultimately, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Remember that to attend ANY training you must:

  • have a valid NSCC ID card that will not expire before or during the training

  • have already graduated Recruit Training (aka boot camp), Orientation for Navy League cadets. Those attending RT this summer can sign up for an advanced training occurring after they graduate RT (participating will be contingent upon RT graduation)

  • be making satisfactory progress on your correspondence coursework

  • have passed a PRT within 6 months of the training

  • When a cadet is at training there is little to no outbound communication. No news is good news; parents will be notified in the event of any medical emergency or disciplinary issue. Some trainings have Facebook pages or websites but not all.